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Hi! I'm Taylor! I like purple and lime green and hot pink and dogs and kitties and SUGAR!! sorry, I'm kinda hyper right now, I'll change this later...


Long time no post!

Wow... we skipped all the way from Thanksgiving Break to Spring Break!!! I am 14 now and soooo much more mature (right... as if). I just saw the movie Nick and Norah's Infanite (still a spelling retard) Playlist and it was reallyreally good! Also, Imma go see Taylor Swift in concert on May 4th! 

More New Stuff:
I gotta FACEBOOK and I'm going to CANYON CREAST ACADEMY for High School (go Ravens!) and I got BANGS and I'm having FRIED ICE CREAM for dessert!! I know, it sounds really gross but it's actually quite yummylicious. 
Thing 1 got a blog and I have never been on it and don't know the name of it. I'll go ask. She may yell at me and tell me that she doesn't want me to see it, or she might possibly have taken a chill pill. Find out next week on... The Boring Life of Taylor DeVries! Sponsered by Walmart: we sell stuff.

I'll go talk to her. B back in a sec... actually I'll just Skype Thing 2 to ask her 'cause they r in the same room. She'ssssss not responding! I'm too lazy to go down stairs. Haha! I googled it! It's http://irockursoxs.blogspot.com/  hmmmmm... she stole the I rock ur sox thingy from me! Oh well... Imma go read her ENTIRE blog now. 

Hey... the 1st song on this blog is Love Story! I have to change it! Imma go do that 2!


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