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Hi! I'm Taylor! I like purple and lime green and hot pink and dogs and kitties and SUGAR!! sorry, I'm kinda hyper right now, I'll change this later...



 OBAMA!!!!!!!! I WANT OBAMA TO WIN!! HE ROX!!!! Tonight for dinner we had Chili 4 Change and Barackoli!!! Emily came up with those names!!!! She's having those plus Sloppy Joe Bidens!!! 

You know an other thing that needs to happen to night?? NO ON PROP 8!!!!! 8 IS FOR H8TE!!! Sorry Lucy and Olivia and McKenna, but it is!!!!! Why can't people marry who ever the Heck they wanna marry!?!?!!? 

When my mom reads this (which she will, she makes me email her whenever I make a post ): ) she's gonna tell me 2 stop pushing my views. Just to make this clear I AM NOT PUSHING MY VIEWS, I AM SIMPLY STATING MY OPINION!!! GO AHEAD AND H8TE IF YOU WANT TO, I DON'T CARE!!!!

Your Politically obsessed friend,

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