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Hi! I'm Taylor! I like purple and lime green and hot pink and dogs and kitties and SUGAR!! sorry, I'm kinda hyper right now, I'll change this later...



OH MA GAWD!!!!!!!! I HAVE FREAKING ASTHMA!!!!! It's only when I exercise, but still!!!!! OMC it is sooo annoying and the inhaler tastes gross! 

Election day is tomorrow!!!! Who's excited?!?!?! I know i am!!! I wanna freaking find out who's gonna be prez already!!!! 

We have next monday and tuesday off and this week Thing 1 is in 6th grade camp and it's soooooo dark outside for 5pm and im really random and niether of my friend are updateing there blogs and im having an issue of what to say on two different blogs and i really want some hot coco right now and the phone is ringing and now some one answered it and im seriously thinking all of this in a row i havn't stoped typing at all this is how i think all of the time im really random and i just got called down for dinner so bye!!!!!!!

ur spastic friend,

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D.emocrat_for_sho said...

Haha, ur really high on life aren't you?
I love you newho...
PS: Barack Obama for president!!!
We NEED change and peace...