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Hi! I'm Taylor! I like purple and lime green and hot pink and dogs and kitties and SUGAR!! sorry, I'm kinda hyper right now, I'll change this later...



Hi PEEPZ!!!!!!! I no I haven't been on here in 4eva, but I don't really think that anyone reads this anyway so COMMENT IF U READ THIS I'M BEGGING U!!!!!!!!!! I can't find out how the heck u put pics on here, or they would be all over the place and OMC EMILY U NEED 2 TELL ME MY COLORSTROLOGY THINGY!!!!!! 

I would also just like to second Emily's request for every one to GET TO THE FREAKING BOOK STORE RIGHT NOW AND BUY PRETTY LITTLE LIARS and the three other books in that series, shut your self in your room and don't leave until you've read all 4!!!!! Except for bathroom breaks, of coarse (!!! emily!!!

I'm going to try to put a picture on here now let's see if it works...

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