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Hi! I'm Taylor! I like purple and lime green and hot pink and dogs and kitties and SUGAR!! sorry, I'm kinda hyper right now, I'll change this later...



OMC!!!!!! (this time I mean Carlisle, not Cat). Have u guys seen the people playing Emmet and Jacob in the Twilight movie???? I mean, that Taylor dude is pretty darn cute, but the hair is all wrong!!!! Jacob's hair is looooong in the first book. And Emmet BLOND!?!?!? That's Jasper's job!!
Oh, well. 

Who's seen the new season of Gossip Girl??? Nate is sooooo HAWT!!!! I don't know his real name though. I don't get what people see in Dan. He's ugly (sorry 2 all Dan fans!). 

My kitty is so fat. He's just laying there all the time a when u say 'Treat', witch he knows means something good is over by who ever said it, he just perks up his ears and Mrrrrrrroooowwws. Lazy butt.

I like colors!!!!!! Colors rock!!!! I'm so glad that all my posts don't have 2 be, like, black or anything. I'm sorry I'm skipping around and being all weirdicle. Well, actually, I'm not sorry.

DON'T LIKE IT DON'T READ IT!!!!!! I like doing my blog, so even if u don't read it I'll still do it. I'm not even sure that anyone reads it now. Don't get me wrong, I LIKE people reading it, but it's not the end of the world if u don't. I du read this blog, will u plz tell me????? Plz? Pretty plz? I'l even spell it right is u want me 2. Please?!?




BuBbLeGuM! said...

me#1:Hi me!

me#2:Hello myself.

me#1:Why r u talking like ur not me! UR ME!!!!!

me#2:Well, because I feel like it. SO DEAL!!!!

me#1:There I am!


me#1: OMC! I'm so mean 2 me!!!!

byebye peepz

em_ily<3 said...

i read it! =]
and love it! =D