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Hi! I'm Taylor! I like purple and lime green and hot pink and dogs and kitties and SUGAR!! sorry, I'm kinda hyper right now, I'll change this later...



I have recently been alerted that Emmet and Jacob will be wearing wigs. :)

My cat is so boring. He's just laying there, and even when I poke him w/ a nail clipper, he still won't MOVE!!!! I'm soooo freaking bored right now that I think I may explode. OMC I REALLY NEED SOMETHING TO DO!!!!!!! What do u peepz do when ur bored?

They really need to put more colors on this color thingy. I'm running out!!!! That's why I have to use this ugly maroon color. When ever I think of maroon, I always think of Ronald Weisley (don't know how 2 spell that) because in the 1st movie he said he hated that color.

I'm so weird. and I'm being super boring right now. U can skip this post because I'm just writeing random stuff!!!  Bye!


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